We find that most of our patients benefit from some degree of nutritional intervention. In addition to helping patient’s make healthier food choices we make specific supplement recommendations that will help maximize each patient’s health. In a world where supplements are often of poor quality and formulated based on little evidence, we recommend only the highest quality and most well researched in the field. Appropriate nutritional changes can help treat and/or prevent many common diseases and conditions including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and so many more!


is the process our body uses to cleanse itself of everyday toxins our body takes in such as preservatives, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and certain sugars. For most people, the body cannot get rid of the toxins as quickly as we put them in. That is why it is important to help your system catch up. The detoxification program designed by Metagenics helps reduce the amount of toxins we ingest and assists the body's natural processes for eliminating toxins already in your system. Please refer to the following links for detailed information about the program and how it can help you.


Detoxification Introduction
28 Day Detox Program
10 Day Express Detox Program
Detoxification program Q&A's

*Upon ordering the detoxification supplies, you will receive a booklet containing the above information along with daily recipe suggestions and a food journal.

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